Environmental Programs

As a school we are currently very involved in teaching our children about healthy living and sustaining the environment through gardening and cooking with them as well as managing the natural wetland on our school property. Environmental sustainability is a very important focus in the education we provide.  For many years our school has partnered with the local Nature Conservation Group to engage student learning in the care of our wetland and to ensure a clean habitat for frogs, macroinvertebrates and other organisms which make their habitat in the wetland.  Students participate in water sampling, revegetation planting, wildlife habitat montitoring and indigenous studies relevant to the local area.  

Care of the Environment - Instead of a discrete gardening program we promote that we all do our bit to care for all aspects of our natural environment all the time - weeding, watering, recycling, waste separation and collection, flora and fauna identification, insect observation, leaf collection, shell categorisation, nature tables, show and tell and more.   

'Going Out' Incursions, Excursions & Camps - Our camps are based on outdoor activities and environmental projects. In addition our Middle and Upper Primary ennjoy a range of Nature Conservation education programs such as Adopt A Spot, Be A Bush Scientist and Our Patch. Our students have proudly supplied Nature Csoservation with over 10 years of macroinvertebrate sampling data collected by our students in our wetlands to map the health of the Margaret River Catchment. 

Nature Playscapes - We don't have to "go to" the garden; at our school we play "in the garden" every day. Children can enjoy climbable meagafauna scultpures set in amongst a mixure of native plantings and fruit trees. Edibles can be found in all part of our school.

Practical Life - Permaculture, Recycling, Cooking, Class Plants, School Pets - Looking after our pets (Bugsy the rabbit and class fish), watering our plants, taking a stray praying mantis back to the bush, tending our vegetable gardens and fruit trees are just a part of every day life for the kids at MRMS. It is what we should do and need to do in our lives so it is what we do at school too. 

In 2015 MRMS was the recipient of a sought after grant of just under $15 000 through SGIO. Together with P&F fundraising we undertook the considerable Wetland Restoration Project which saw the construction of the jarrah boardwalk, erosion control, bank stabilisation, biofiltering of road run-off, dieback treatment, weed management, revegetation plantings and the commissioning of an environmental managemt plan fo our school site; all of which involved the chidlren and families with the intention of ensuring that the students become the teachers of future children coming through and so that we are all custodians of our land. 

Below is a copy of the Environmental Management Plan for Margaret River Montessori School:

Montessori Management Plan

We welcome any inquires with regards to our Land Management.