It has been legislated in Australia and Western Australia that all government and non-government schools must implement the National Australian Curriculum or have an approved Alternative Curriculum. The National Montessori Curriculum has been approved by ACARA. The Curriculum is built upon a commitment to the philosophy that learning is continuous, and its essential purpose is to improve the learning and achievement of all students. Implementation of the Curriculum aims to ensure all students have the knowledge, understanding, skills and values necessary to participate and prosper in a changing world. It will also endeavour to ensure that students achieve their personal best and develop a sense of pride in themselves, their school, their environment and their society. These aims reflect a Montessori education.

Margaret River Montessori School demonstrates that its curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment practices and outcomes comply. Our results have consistently been above benchmarks and above state averages.

A copy of the Montessori National Curriculum is available from our Parent Library.

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