0-3 Montessori Bush Babes Playgroup

It has been well researched that the first six years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential (Montessori Australia Foundation).  This is when children learn instinctively from their environment using an unconscious process of absorption. The aim of the Montessori 0-3 Program is to facilitate the child’s growing need for independence, order, movement and language and to increase the parents’ awareness of their child’s capabilities and needs.  Montessori education is reflected through the prepared environment and our philosophy of ‘learning for life’.

Our 0-3 Program currently operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9am to 11.00am, open to parents and carers and their children aged 0 to 3 years. The sessions provide time for you and your child to have fun exploring and learning together without the distractions experienced at home.  The inside and outside learning environment reflects order, beauty and simplicity and is set up in a way that allows children to choose and use the materials with minimal adult assistance.  Parents are shown the importance of allowing their child to complete and repeat tasks without interruption or interference.  There is a wide range of age appropriate activities, prepared for by a qualified early childhood Program Facilitator who will observe, guide and offer support where necessary.

BUSH BABES 0-3 Information Sheet
BUSH BABES 0-3 Application Form